Steel is used for smoothing surfaces shaped with rakes or for finishing surfaces. These are flexible steel sheets that can match the curvature of the surface to be scraped. Steel is an essential tool for finishing clay surfaces. Sizes are available from 150mm to 300mm.

Steel #1501 CMT-17001 t0.1mm a150 x b50mm
Steel #1515 CMT-17002 t0.15mm a150 x b50mm
Steel #1525 CMT-17003 t0.25mm a150 x b50mm
Steel #1504 CMT-17004 t0.4mm a150 x b50mm
Steel #2015 CMT-18001 t0.15mm a200 x b50mm
Steel #2025 CMT-18002 t0.25mm a200 x b50mm
Steel #2004 CMT-18003 t0.4mm a200 x b50mm
Steel #3004 CMT-19001 t0.4mm a300 x b50mm

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