QSK 5 Steel

Our high-quality steel plate, known as QSK 5 Steel, can be used for multiple purposes. The QSK 5 Steel can be cut into small pieces and made into custom ellipse shapes (or any desired shape). Due to the superior length and strength of the QSK 5 Steel, they can also be used as guidelines on 1/1 full scale clay models.

102mm Width Series
t0.15mm a1000×b102mm
t0.15mm a600×b102mm
t0.2mm a1000×b102mm
t0.2mm a600×b102mm
t0.3mm a1000×b102mm
t0.3mm a600×b102mm
t0.4mm a1000×b102mm
t0.4mm a600×b102mm
t0.5mm a1000×b102mm
t0.5mm a600×b102mm
t0.6mm a1000×b102mm
t0.6mm a600×b102mm
t0.7mm a1000×b102mm
t0.7mm a600×b102mm
t0.8mm a1000×b102mm
t0.8mm a600×b102mm
t0.9mm a1000×b102mm
t0.9mm a600×b102mm
t1.0mm a1000×b102mm
t1.0mm a600×b102mm
75mm Width Series
t0.15mm a1000×b75mm
t0.15mm a600×b75mm
t0.3mm a1000×b75mm
t0.3mm a600×b75mm
t0.5mm a1000×b75mm
t0.5mm a600×b75mm

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