Industrial Clay

Industrial Clay

About Industrial Clay

Our industrial clay is a synthetic clay used for designing 3D modeling products such as automobiles, motorcycles and consumer electronics. Our clay has minimal expansion/shrinkage and retains its hardness at room temperature (around 25°C). Our clay hardens at room temperature and remains hard unless heated. Special ovens are used to warm the clay into a consistent and malleable texture at 60°C. As many times as necessary, our industrial clay can be reapplied or shaved in order to sculpt your model. TOOLS INT’L Industrial Clay is completely sulfur free and recyclable with our Clay Shaper.

NS Series

The NS series clay is 100% sulfur free! Unlike traditional industrial clays which use sulfur as filler, we developed Japan’s first sulfur free industrial clay. Our NS series weighs ⅔ lighter than sulfur-based clay. The NS60 series has a working temperature of 60°C.

*Please DO NOT mix different types of clay due to the fact that the quality will be affected.

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