Industrial Clay

Industrial Clay

About Industrial Clay

Our Industrial Clay is chemical composed clay used for 3D modeling design products, such as automobile, motorcycle, and consumer electronics products. Clay does not have much expansion / shrinkage and remains certain hardness at temperature around 25˚C. The shape of the clay is stable. Because clay remains hard at room temperature, the special oven for clay is utilized to warm up until the core of clay becomes soft. Clay becomes soft by heating up in the oven at temperature 45˚C or 60˚C (it depends on what kind of clay to use). It is possible to apply / scrape the clay many times, so it is easy to change the shape and design of the clay model. Also, it is possible to use the Clay Shaper to recycle clay.

NS Series

NS Series does not contain any sulfur as filler (absolute sulfur free clay!), and NS Series can be incinerated without any problem. It is the new generation Industrial Clay. The weight of NS Series is 2/3 lighter than our sulfur based clay. There are two NS Series available: “NS60”, whose working temperature is 60˚C, and “NS45”, whose working temperature is 45˚C.

*Please DO NOT mix the different types of clay due to the fact that the quality will be changed.

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