NS60 series

There is five kinds of NS60 series

Unlike other type of clay for automotive model making, Industrial Clay NS60L does not contain any sulfur as a filler (absolutely sulfur free clay!). Our NS60L is next generation, eco-friendly clay.

Feature of NS60L

NS60L does not have problem for disposal as it does not contain any harmful materials.
NS60L does not shrink and holds the shapes.
NS60L does not crack.
NS60L has excellent compatibility with our Clay Modeling Film.
NS60L has excellent feeling for model making.
NS60L has smooth feeling for applying onto the clay model when it is warmed up.
The feeling of the scraping using hand tools is fantastic.
Cohesion of NS60L is excellent. NS60L is the excellent clay for both hand making and machining.

Instructions of NS60L

Heating temperature is 60°C to become soft and pliable.
The heating time is 3 hours using a clay oven.
NS60L does not need a heat gun to heat up the clay model surface for clay application.

* DO NOT heat up NS60L over 60°C as the change in physical properties might occur and quality of NS60L would not be the same once it occurs.

NS60L 15Unit (per box) IDC-02006

Color variations

Product Name Hardness (25°C)*1 Specific Gravity Odor Billet Size*2
NS60L 82 1 Slightly 55Φx275mm Approx630g Approx650cm3
NS60LG 82 1 Slightly 55Φx275mm Approx645g Approx650cm3
NS60LF 82 1 Slightly 55Φx275mm Approx640g Approx650cm3
NS60GWK2 82 1 Slightly 55Φx275mm Approx645g Approx650cm3
NS60F2 78 1 Slightly 55Φx275mm Approx645g Approx650cm3

*1Measurement by ASKER Durometer Type C which is based on JIS K 7312.

*2The data above is measured in January, 2014

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