Chokkaki III

The Chokkaki is for shaping clay into flat or slightly curved surfaces.
Various sizes are used for rough scraping.
The Chokkaki’s saw-blade is designed to have low resistance when scraping, so surfaces can be levelled with ease.

Chokkaki III 50mm CMT-01011 a52×b12×c39mm
Chokkaki III 75mm CMT-01012 a76×b19×c43mm
Chokkaki III 100mm CMT-01013 a101×b19×c54mm
Chokkaki III 125mm CMT-01014 a125×b19×c62mm
Chokkaki III 150mm CMT-01015 a152×b27×c67mm
Chokkaki III 50mm No jagged blade CMT-01016 a50×b16×c40mm

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