Clay Oven

The main functions of Clay Oven are to warm up and keep clays warm and soft. These equipments are installed at many of auto makers in the world and equipped with the several functions to keep the inside ideal environment.

Clay Oven DOAS-60

Feasible to warm up 60 billets of clay at once.
Because the temperature set by the automated temperature control always keeps clays safely warm within the range of ±1°C, it makes possible to warm up the clay from clay surface to inner core without irregularity. To be able to see inside, the door is equipped with the reinforced pane of glass. The trays inside oven are all stainless made and no rust occurs, are easy to clean. The safety precautions on leak interception, thermal relay, overheating prevention and the tray fall prevention measures are also taken.

Max capacity 60 billets
Number of trays 4
Outer dimension W800 x H1300 x D650mm
Mass 110kg
Preset temperature 40°C - 70°C

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