Rendering Tape 217J

Mat Black tape mainly used for full or scale size model.
Tape made from crepe paper which enables to apply for flexible curves.
Can be used for cutting guideline on clay model.

length 25m Regular Size
W3mm 1 Roll
length 50m Regular Size
W5mm 1 Roll
W7mm 1 Roll
W9mm 1 Roll
W12mm 1 Roll
W19mm 1 Roll
W25mm 1 Roll
W50mm 1 Roll
length 50m Special Size
W4mm 96 Roll
W6mm 65 Roll
W8mm 50 Roll
W10mm 40 Roll
W15mm 26 Roll
W20mm 20 Roll
W30mm 13 Roll
W40mm 10 Roll
W100mm 4 Roll

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