mt Tape

mt Tape [Mat Black]

This tape is made from Japanese rice PaperJapanese rice PaperIt helps to simulate matte black paint onto a clay model.
The boundary of the tape is inconspicuous because it is paper thin.

mt slim   length 10m
W3mm 3 Roll
W6mm 3 Roll
mt CASA   length 10m
W50mm 1 Roll
W100mm 1 Roll
mt foto   length 50m
W25mm 1 Roll
W38mm 1 Roll
W50mm 1 Roll
mt tape   length 15m
W8mm 120 Roll
W10mm 96 Roll
W12mm 80 Roll
W15mm 64 Roll
W18mm 56 Roll
W20mm 48 Roll
W24mm 40 Roll
W25mm 40 Roll
W30mm 32 Roll
W40mm 24 Roll

mt Tape

Adhesive tape made from Japanese rice Paper. We have expanded our selection to include even more great colors and sizes.
(shocking pink・shocking yellow・matte black・silver・cork・red・wakamidori・matte white)

mt CASA   length 10m
W2mm 46 Roll
W3mm 30 Roll
W4mm 23 Roll
W5mm 18 Roll
W6mm 16 Roll
W7mm 14 Roll
W8mm 12 Roll
W9mm 11 Roll
W10mm 9 Roll

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