1919 At the time "Bauhaus" opened in Germany, "IZUMIYA Artists' Supply Store" was also established in Shibuya, Tokyo.
1945 After a temporary close down affected by war, business was back to operations in Ikebukuro, Tokyo.
1950 The new company name became "Izumiya Limited."
1952 Establishment of trade and sales department. Introduced the latest Western design trends.
1961 Commenced importing "Industrial Clays."
1970 Reorganization of company into "Izumiya Corporation."
1972 Famous Detroit automotive modeler Ron Martin, invited for a clay modeling seminar. With his help, clay modeling techniques became popular in Japan.
1981 Commenced domestic production of "Industrial Clay J-525."
1986 Developed "Clay Modeling Film" and released.
1987 Developed design marker "Copic" and released.
1992 Izumiya Corporation changed its name to "Too Corporation." Started corporate identity implementation.
1998 Developed "Clay Modeling Check Foil" and released.
1999 Sales department for art supplies, clay, educational materials, equipment, design and modeling materials grouped up into an organization and separated from Too Corporation as a new entity "TOOLS Corporation."
2002 100% sulfur-less "Industrial Clay NS" series developed and released. Adopted by world-wide automotive manufacturers for use in model studios.
Developed "Clay Modeling Sheet" and released.
2003 Developed "Ellipse Curves 10pcs/set" and released.
Developed "Curves 3pcs/set" and released.
2004 Developed "PM Pad A3 Standard" and released.
2005 Published "Marker Sketch Design Book" and released.
2006 Developed "Ellipse Curves Standard" and released.
2007 Developed "Clay Warmer PU-01" and released.
2008 Developed "Chrome Silver" and released.
Developed "Clay Shaper NSD-120" and released.
Developed "Marker Sketch Design DVD Vol.1" and released.
Developed "Marker Sketch Pad A3 Standard" and released.
2009 International sales department for selling clays, modeling materials, equipment, educational materials for automotive design separated from TOOLS Corporation. This entity became the "TOOLS INTERNATIONAL Corporation."
2010 Developed "Modeling Table MT01" and released.
Developed "Marker Sketch Design DVD Vol.2" and released.
2011 Company HQ moved to Edogawa-ku, Rinkai-cho, Tokyo.
2012 Published "The Basic Techniques of Clay Modeling" and released.
Developed "Marker Sketch Pad A4 Standard" and released.
2013 "Industrial Clay (Vacuum-Packed)" released.
Developed "NS Clay Tape" and released.
2016 Company HQ moved to Minato-ku, Toranomon, Tokyo.