Research and Development


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Requests from individual automotive manufacturers enabled TOOLS INTERNATIONAL to develop variety of Industrial Clays.

Like the environment friendly sulfur oxide-free NS series, we are always committed in making a new and high quality Industrial Clay.

R&D case study

See our development case study for the environment friendly sulfur oxide-free Industrial Clay.

  • Why we have made Sulfur Free Clay

    Industrial Clay is made from chemical and oil mainly used for industrial design and for automobile design.
    Unlike regular clay, the hardness of the Industrial Clay remains hard at room temperature and becomes soft at 45°C or 60°C (it depends on what kind of clay to use) for model making. We, TOOLS INTERNATIONAL Corp., hear each customer’s voice and customize softness/hardness, elongation, stickiness, color, feeling of the Industrial Clay in order to respond customer’s requests. Feeling of the Industrial Clay is the most important part because a clay modeler applies and scrapes the clay as 0.1mm level accuracy for finishing up the clay model. Industrial Clay is always expected to have properties with high quality performance and consistency of feeling.

    Beside high expectation of the consistency of feeling, last few years, automobile makers strongly demanded Industrial Clay environmentally acceptable. Generally sulfur is used as filler for consistency of feeling for Industrial Clay. In order to have two complete opposite properties, which are environmentally friendly, and holds consistency of feeling, we reconsidered raw materials all over again. We compounded several hundred of raw materials to make sulfur free clay. We sent samples of the sulfur free clay to clay modelers each time for evaluation. Finally, we made the sulfur free clay, “NS Series”, and now our Industrial Clay NS Series is widely used both domestic and overseas customers.

  • Property of Sulfur Free Clay

    Industrial Clay Consideration for Environment

    Because NS Series does not contain any sulfur oxide, it is possible to use incinerator without smoke extraction apparatus to incinerate completely. Because NS Series can take this process, it is not necessary to landfill as industrial waste. In addition, NS Series is 30% lighter than sulfur based clay (Specific gravity of NS Series=0.97). As a result, carbon dioxide emission of transportation can be reduced.

    Industrial Clay Consideration for Model Studio

    Because NS Series is light-weighed clay, handling of clay model becomes remarkably easier, and the safety for clay modelers at model studio would be improved. If model studio does not have an incinerator with smoke extraction apparatus, clay model has to be disposed of their facility for design confidentiality, and this process consumes time. For NS Series, it is possible to be incinerated without environmental problem and this will save time. Finally, odor of NS series is reduced compare to sulfur based clay. As a result, workability of NS series is improved.