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A Company specialized in the field of automotive design

Since the establishment in 1919, TOOLS INTERNATIONAL celebrates the 90th anniversary on February 2, 2009.

As a company keeping feet on ground since the dawn of automotive design industry, we have built an extensive amount of knowledge and experiences developing Industrial Clays, Clay Modeling Film, and original products meeting with our customer needs and building it into a global standard. Our future mission is maintaining the best product and service quality whilst strengthening the human resource development to meet our customer demands.

Communication driven product development

Our business activities are not limited to Japan, but extends throughout the industry-leading United States, Europe, and within Asia - including China and India which has a potential of high market growth in the future as we especially see many Japanese companies involved in business. Our goal is to provide service by adding value for the production environment through "individual communication and product development based on local cultures."

In order to keep up with the globalization of automotive design, we make the very best out of our core experiences to develop and deploy products and services instantly throughout the world whilst ensuring quality via extensive collaboration with the Too Corporation group for building our business even further.
Stay tuned for the coming announcements from TOOLS INTERNATIONAL.